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We do things differently!

Close, Comprehensive and Confidential Relationships

Our structure allows us to cost effectively become fully aligned to your business, ensuring that you get what you want and need! We work confidentially and exclusively within industry sectors with non-disclosure.

We become your outsourced digital technology partner, comprehensively overseeing the implementation and integration of all elements of your website, SEO and Social Media Campaigns. We have flexible resourcing and, if required, can allocate a team member full time to your project.

Awareness of Business and Financial Imperatives

We undertake extensive analysis of not only your business, but also your business sector or industry in order to fully understand your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. We are also mindful of business KPIs and customer demographics, identifying unique selling positions to ensure that your website gets maximum return on investment.

In essence, we become your outsourced sales and marketing team!

Strong Accountability

We provide full monthly reporting and updates on our activity and therefore assist internal stakeholders in managing their own workflow reporting and KPI’s.

Ongoing Assistance

We offer Digital Coaching, Training & Development to all levels within your organisation. We assist with change management and usability. We can provide training to your Sales force on how to sell through your website, as well as to your HR departments, customer relationship team and also to individual facilities if required.

Pay on Performance

After an initial deposit, all other payment is based on performance and per threshold. Our aim is to exceed your expectations, and further payment is not required until you and your team is 100% satisfied. We guarantee service with integrity and results!

We offer technical warranty on all work – if there is a glitch, we fix it. We are here for the long haul.

The Process

1. Business Needs Analysis

The team will work with you to clearly understand your business – not only from a sales and marketing perspective, but also from an internal stakeholder perspective. Your website is pivotal to cost reduction, revenue generation and streamlining work practices. It can become the backbone of your administration function. We meet onsite with relevant stakeholders to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

2. Web Design and Development

Thorough research, analysis and a defined strategy are paramount in meeting the KPIs of your business-- our research team conducts thorough industry research and competition analysis to find profitable niches. We then share this with the web design and development team. Through consultation and brainstorming we then arrive at a web solution that is not only visually attractive and appealing, but at the same time results-driven in order to ensure that it achieves the maximum return on the investment.

Our Microsoft-certified web designers and developers start the architectural phase of the build and nut out the tough stuff using prototyping, interface (UI) development & wire framing. All the team comes together to arrive at a user-friendly web application that makes your competition look out of date. We are passionate in ensuring that you are placed as a leader within your field online!

Looking great isn’t enough - our designs are innovative, attractive and yet can also do the heavy lifting, meeting all your business and functionality requirements.

Our web development team uses the latest advanced website development techniques and technology to ensure that your website is developed in accordance with the W3C web standards

3. Multi-Function, Cross-Browser Testing, Tracking, and Reporting

We conduct thorough cross-browser and anti virus testing to ensure that your website is functional across all major browsers and application. Using website statistics, we can analyse the website visitor patterns on your website and provide you with reports that contain unique site visitors, page views, hits, duration of visit, the referral domains and countries, search engines, keywords used, conversions, bounce rates and a lot more. This is where we can determine niches within the visitor pattern and maximise your conversion rate and ROI.

4. SEO and Social Media Campaign Launch and Commencement

After liaising with other sales and marketing related stakeholders, we now create and launch your SEO & SM Campaigns to ensure synergy with all your other online and offline initiatives and create a BANG for you online which starts the revenue ball rolling! We are here to make our clients money – not just create pretty web pages!

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